BGU Couple Diary Study, 2020 (BGUCD20)



Eighty-seven Israeli cohabiting adult couples (N=174) were recruited and completed an initial background questionnaire. Fifteen couples dropped out during the study (final N=144). Mean age for men was 29.9 years (range: 23-58, SD = 8.6) and mean age for women was 28.7 years (range: 23-57, SD = 7.7). All participants had a high-school education, and 54% completed higher education. The average relationship duration was 7.0 years (range: 13 months to 37 years, SD = 7.3 years). Twenty-two (40.0%) of the couples were married and fifteen (20.8%) had at least one child. Four of the couples were of the same sex; all others were heterosexual. At the study initiation, a research assistant introduced the study’s general goal of examining daily processes in intimate relationships. After providing informed consent, participants were asked to complete a background questionnaire. They were then sent via email a link to a diary to complete daily over a 3-week period. The link arrived daily at 8:00 pm, but partners were asked to complete the diary within an hour of going to bed. On average, participants completed 19.0 diaries (SD = 2.66, 90.4% compliance). At the end of the diary period, couples completed a short follow-up assessment. Couples received no monetary compensation, but participated in a raffle for two prizes (vacation vouchers) worth $140.
Date made available2021
PublisherUNC Dataverse

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