Comprehensive mapping of burn sites in the West Line, Palestine (1999-2023)



This repository will house products and data from a project that has comprehensively mapped open burn sites occurring from 1999 onwards (currently up to 2023) in the “West Line” area of Hebron--a 20 km by 20 km area in south-west West Bank, between Dura (west of Hebron) and the Green Line. It was compiled based on the manual identification and tracing of burn sites using an approximately annual time series of high resolution aerial images (resolution ranging mostly from 10 cm to 50 cm). This was conducted by a team of experts and local residents familiar with the mapped area, and validated through careful ground-truthing of a subset of sites and systematic quality control. The burn site mapping was part of a broader research envelope entailing hundreds of field visits, the sampling of over 40 burn cores for contaminant analysis, and numerous interviews and meetings with local authorities, e-waste related businesses, waste burners, concerned inhabitants, and local associations. Our initial submission to the repository is of a series of 22 ~annual maps of the area with a heat map of burn density overlaid with burn site points. This dataset is intended as the basis for analyses and policy recommendations related to the spheres of environmental governance, health and environmental risk assessment, and contaminant transport, hydrology and remediation. We welcome collaborations with our ongoing efforts in these areas, and with experts in machine learning applied to image analysis and remote sensing that would like to join us in using our data as a training set for automated object detection approaches.
Date made available2024
PublisherHarvard Dataverse

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