eGreenhouse: a portable, low-cost, open-source CO2 analyzer and sensor device for greenhouse applications

  • Elad Levintal (Creator)
  • Kenneth Kang (Creator)
  • Lars Larson (Creator)
  • Eli Winkelman (Creator)
  • Lloyd Nackley (Creator)
  • Noam Weisbrod (Creator)
  • John S. Selker (Creator)
  • Chester J. Udell (Creator)



Advances in gas sensors and open-source hardware are enabling new options for low-cost and light-weight gas sampling devices that are also robust and easy to use and duplicate. Although the number of studies investigating these sensors has been increasing in the last few years, they are still scarce with respect to agricultural applications. Here, we present a complete system for high-accuracy measurements of temperature, relative humidity, luminosity, and CO2 concentrations. The sensor suite is integrated on the HyperRail device – a reliable, accurate, and affordable linear motion control system. All measurements are logged with a location and time-stamp. The system was assembled from only off-the-shelf or 3D printable products. We deployed the system in an agricultural greenhouse to demonstrate the system capabilities.
Date made available2020

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