Exploring Design Smells for Smell-Based Defect Prediction

  • Bruno Sotto-Mayor (Creator)
  • Amir Elmishali (Creator)
  • Meir Kalech (Creator)
  • Rui Abreu (Creator)



The archived file code.zip includes the software developed for the study in the article Exploring Design Smells for Smell-Based Defect Prediction.

After extracting the archived file, you will find several python files. To reproduce the results obtained in this study, you have to do the following steps. We assume the reader is using <em>macos</em> or <em>linux</em>, and has <em>python3</em>, <em>pip</em>, and <em>make</em> installed.

Edit the file config.ini
Set the path of RepoDir to a directory where the program will install the 97 projects. (expect ~20GB)
Run, <em>"make"</em>

If there is an error equivalent to "may have been in progress in another thread when fork() was called".

Add the following line to your .bashrc:


For any other issues reproducing the code, contact us at mail@brunosottomayor.com.
Date made available2020

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