Respiration and CO2 evasion dynamics in moving streambeds as a response to flow regimes

  • Hanna Schulz (Creator)
  • Yoni Teitelbaum (Creator)
  • Gabriel Singer (Creator)
  • Jörg Lewandowski (Creator)
  • Shai Arnon (Creator)



This dataset contains both raw and processed data utilized in generating the findings outlined in our research paper titled "Respiration and CO2 Evasion Dynamics in Mobile Streambeds in Response to Different Flow Regimes," which has been submitted to the Journal of Hydrology. Additionally, within this dataset, you will find a collection of movies that are part of our Supporting Information. Within this dataset, you will find a sub-dataset for all nine experimental runs. These experimental runs encompass three distinct flow regimes: a constant flow regime (C), a sinusoidal flow regime (S), and a single peak flow event (F). Each of these flow regimes was conducted three times as repeated measurements (RM). The data subsets contain: Raw infrared images captured at the sediment-water interface using an infrared camera. A selection of raw infrared images that correspond to the optode images obtained from our optode camera. Preprocessed optode images captured by the optode camera. The original raw planar optode images. A supplementary text file containing essential data information. Furthermore, the dataset encompasses raw data files related to surface water chemistry data and measurements of CO2 air concentration and pressure. Also it contains datafiles with all results used in the publication. In the Supporting Information folder, you will find Movies S1 through S18, which visually illustrate the sediment's movement and the dynamic variations in O2 and CO2 concentrations within the sediment.
Date made available4 Oct 2023

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