Responses to AHP-style questionnaires regarding the publication "D-Score: A Novel Expert-Based Method for Assessing the Detectability of IoT-Related Cyber-Attacks"

  • Yair Meidan (Creator)
  • Daniel Benatar (Creator)
  • Ron Biton (Creator)
  • Asaf Shabtai (Creator)



In order to assess in advance the detectability of IoT-related cyber-attacks by anomaly-based network intrusion detection systems, we developed an expert-based method which relies on the AHP methodology.

The online AHP-style questionnaire can be found here:

The dataset which is hereby made public, includes the (anonymous) responses of 40 cyber-security researchers and practitioners, covering 4 IoT attack scenarios.

The related publication is mentioned hereinafter; please be sure to cite it upon the use of this dataset.
Date made available2020

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