Breeding and Cytogenetics of Exotic Crops

Equipment/facility: lab


    My ongoing research activities combine fundamental basic science with a motivation to use the knowledge accrued to develop dryland agriculture. Among the hundreds of existing crops, there are only a few perennials that can be cultivated under dryland conditions. I chose to focus on under-exploited, woody perennial, drought-tolerant species with the ultimate goal of introducing them as new fruit crops.
    My research involves: Genetics and molecular cytogenetics and Reproduction and mating systems.

    Equipment (significant):
    Microscope Zeiss Imager A1 - Location: BULD 25; room: 36
    Zeiss Stemi SV6 microscope - Location: BULD 25; room: 36


    NameLab's Technician: Udi Zurgil,


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