Fate Transport and Remediation laboratory

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    The Fate Transport and Remediation laboratory is dedicated to development and testing of innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies, emphasizing the use of new materials and innovative approaches. Our quest is to solve water quality and quantity issues including compounds of emerging concern (PFAS, microplastics), membrane limiting phenomena (fouling, temperature polarization), heavy metals, rare earth metals, and other resources recovery from waste streams. To deal with the increasing need for recovery of elements and controlling removal of emerging contaminants, we are developing a range of electro-catalytic carbon nanotube-polymeric composite membranes suitable for most membrane-based water treatment applications. By applying an external electrical potential to the membrane’s surface, we can also mitigate biofouling, organic and colloidal fouling.

    Equipment (significant) :
    Probe sonicator, solid phase extraction manifold, electrochemical analysis (4 channel potentiostat), high temperature oven, spray coater.


    NameLab's Technician: Yaakov Morgenstein, yakovmo@bgu.ac.il


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