Mycorrhizal desert truffles and CAM plants physiology

Equipment/facility: lab


    The lab aims at the practical level, to develop new crops for arid zones desert truffles and cacti. The scientific work involves studying desert truffles mycorrhizal interaction with their host plants. Including the physiology of Terfezia boudieri, the lifestyle of the fungus as ecto-mycorrhiza and endo-mycorrhiza, the mycorrhiza-host plant interactions, mycorrhized plants physiology, biome of both partners and beneficial activities of soil bacteria for both. We study prickly pear and other cacti at the physiological and molecular levels to understand the mechanisms controlling stomatal regulation in CAM plants. Another project is characterization of pharmaceutical activities in byproducts of prickly pear fruits.


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    • CRISPR based development of RNA editing and the diagnostic platform

      Satish, L., Lavanya, G., Kasthuri, T., Kalaivaani, A., Shamili, S., Muthuramalingam, P., Gowrishankar, S., Pandian, S. K., Singh, V., Sitrit, Y. & Kushmaro, A., 1 Jan 2021, Reprogramming the Genome: Applications of CRISPR-Cas in Non-mammalian Systems Part A. Singh, V. (ed.). Elsevier B.V., p. 117-159 43 p. (Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science; vol. 179).

      Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review