Nanobioelectronics Laboratory

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    The Nanobioelectronics Laboratory (NBEL) specializes in interfacing biology with microelectronics. In particular, we are interested in integrating functional biomaterials with micro- and nano- systems for sensing and actuation technologies. Current projects include:
    Real-time and mobile analysis of chemical and biological markers for personalized health monitoring, Biosensing systems development and integration to provide holistic solutions for real-world use, System-level solutions for in-vivo and in-vitro clinical applications in the world of the Internet of Things.

    Significant equipment:
    Atomic force microscope; Scanning electrochemical microscope; Inverted fluorescent microscope; Oxygen plasma asher; Electrochemical potentiostats (PalmSens, Bio-Logic, Ivium)


    NameLab manager: Alex Snezhko,, 052-6471206‬


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