Robotics and Control Research Lab

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    The Robotics Laboratory 57/4 is a center for research and development of robotics technologies for various applications. The lab personnel are specialized in all aspects of robotics ranging from mechanical design, through electronics development, to motion planning, state estimation, and control algorithms development. The technologies that are being developed in the lab are as follows:
    1. Development of robotics platforms for ground and air applications.
    2. Development of motion planning algorithms for ground and air vehicles, both for single vehicle and for coordinated task completion.
    3. State estimation and localization during motion including development of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms.
    4. Stabilization of air vehicles and motion control both for air and ground vehicles.
    5. Grasp planning and control.
    6. Motion planning and control of legged robots.


    NameLab manager: Shmulik Edelman,


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