TA DHR-3 Rheometer

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    A rheometer measures the deformation and flow behavior of materials. The TA Instruments Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is a highly advanced and versatile instrument. It combines a patented drag cup motor, a second generation magnetic bearing, force rebalance transducer technology (FRT), and new patent pending Optical Encoder Dual Reader and True Position Sensor (TPS) into a single-head Hybrid rheometer. Their patented Smart Swap® geometry and temperature systems allow for easy switching and automatic detection of experimental geometries and accessories.

    The TA DHR-3 is capable of performing rotational measurements for analysis of viscometric properties, as well as oscillatory measurements for the analysis of shear modulus and related properties. Specific features and available accessories for our TA DHR-3 are listed below.

    Performance specifications:
    Torque Range – 0.5 nN.m to 200 mN.m
    Angular Resolution – 2 nanoradians
    Maximum Angular Velocity – 300 rad/s
    Maximum Normal Force – 50 N


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