The Cooks Lab - Laboratory of Cancer Exosomes (LCE)

Equipment/facility: lab


    The lab focuses on various aspects of the tumor microenvironment, particularly cell-to-cell communication via extracellular vesicles. Amongst many hallmarks of cancer, an ‘in-depth’ focus is dedicated to mutations in the tumor suppressor TP53 gene and the plethora of interactions this molecular event shares with its surrounding. These include tumor cells communicating with the immune compartment of the tumor as well as specific microbiome members promoting host-pathogen responses. In addition, the CooksLab constantly strives to match basic novel molecular mechanisms with innovative translational approaches for the benefit of cancer patients. Therefore, we believe that combining the knowledge and toolset of the lab with the pioneering Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy (DaRT), will enable us to provide insights about molecular traits with fundamental relevance to clinical decision-making. Promoting precision medicine approaches will advance a better quality of the DaRT treatment for many cancer patients worldwide.

    Significant equipment:
    Ultracentrifuges, Lionheart cell assays


    NameIResearch Associate: shai Luz Ph.D.,


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