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Insects behavioral and evolutionary ecology; Factors limiting the reproductive success of insects in the field; parasite-host interactions; Endosymbiont-host interactions; Biological control of pests and diseases. 

Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 2 - Zero Hunger
  • SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 14 - Life Below Water
  • SDG 15 - Life on Land
  • SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


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  • Plant size, latitude, and phylogeny explain within-population variability in herbivory

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