Identification of molecular classifiers and casual drivers determining the personal response to dietary intervention trials (B11 [B08])

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Project B11 will combine multidisciplinary expertise of large-scale interventional studies, molecular epidemiology and bioinformatics to identify and validate molecular classifiers related to the short and long-term outcomes of dietary interventions including weight reduction and obesity sequelae on an individual level. This will help to distinguish between patients likely profiting from dietary interventions and those requiring other types of interventions such as drug treatment. Going beyond associative relationships, we aim to establish comprehensive causal mechanistic chains of dietary intervention, induced molecular response, resulting weight reduction, and finally, long-term clinical outcomes (obesity sequelae). These causal chains provide new strategies for therapy surveillance and new therapy targets.

Layman's description

SFB 1052: Obesity Mechanisms
Short titleB11
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/12/26


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