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The investigators aim to test the protein bioavailability of a new, specifically developed strain of duckweed [Wolffia globose, Mankai], an aquatic plant, which might serve as a protein source and contains all the nine essential and the six conditional amino acids. The investigators will randomize 36 participants to consume equivalent protein (30gr) content of 3 whole foods items: 1. White cheese (animal protein source, as a reference); 2. Green peas, intact, cooked (plant protein source); 3. Wolffia globosa (Mankai), intact, cooked (plant protein source). The foods will be consumed in the morning, following 12h fasting. The foods will be provided with 250ml mineral water, and the blood follow-up frame will be for 3 hours—primary outcome: Blood amino acid profile.
Short titleInterventional (Clinical Trial
Effective start/end date1/12/1628/02/17




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