State-Resolved Differential Cross Sections for the Reaction of Fluorine Atoms with Hydrogen Molecules

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In this project of the Physical Chemistry program in the Chemistry Division, Profs. M. Keil and G. Parker of the University of Oklahoma will undertake a joint theoretical-experimental investigation of the dynamics of the rotational energy transfer occurring in the non-reactive scattering between argon atoms and hydrogen fluoride molecules, as well as in the fundamental reaction of fluorine atoms with molecular hydrogen. The principal goal is to measure the rotationally resolved state-to-state cross sections for reactions that produce HF. Determining the differential scattering cross sections for atom-molecule pairs, with molecules in specific excited rotation-vibration states is a new and difficult undertaking. This research promises to produce important information on the dynamics of chemical reactions.

Effective start/end date1/08/9431/07/98


  • National Science Foundation


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