A class of solutions of the boundary layer equations

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Exact solutions of the boundary layer equations can be obtained in closed form only in rare cases. These generally involve self-similar solutions for which the corresponding ordinary differential equation can be integrated exactly. In this paper solutions of more general form, containing additive functions of the longitudinal x coordinate in the expression's for the stream function and the self-similar variable, are considered in relation to two-dimensional steady boundary layers. This makes it possible to enlarge the class of problems whose solutions are analytic expressions and in a number of cases can be obtained in the form of expressions containing arbitrary functions of x, which makes possible various interpretations of the solution. In order to introduce arbitrary functions into the solutions of the equations of the axisymmetric boundary layer the problem is reduced to an overdetermined system of ordinary differential equations. This method is also capable of being applied more widely.

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JournalFluid Dynamics
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StatePublished - 1 Mar 1990

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