A continuous warming computercontrolled calorimeter using a pyroelectric thermometer

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A computer-controlled adiabatic calorimeter for use in the continuous warming mode was designed, constructed, and tested. Since its intended use was in measuring the singularities in specific heats near critical solution temperatures, a thermometric sensor capable of yielding accurate values of T at very slow temperature scan rates was required. A pyroelectric thermometer was selected for the purpose. The pyroelectric thermometer is reviewed and its design and testing are described. Details of the design of the calorimeter, the platinum resistanm thermometer, and the computerized data acquisition and control system are presented. Preliminary measurements of the specific heats of methanol, benzene, triethylamine, and the singularity of the specific heat of the triethylamine-water system are discussed.

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StatePublished - 1 Jun 1987

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