A Discussion of the Digitalization of Public Diplomacy

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This chapter examines how the norms, values and the logic of the digital societyDigital society have influenced the practice of public diplomacy. Through a review of case studies from Africa, IsraelIsrael, PalestinePalestine, PolandPoland, the USA and Eastern Europe, the chapter illustrates how digital technologies have impacted the working routines and structures of diplomatic institutions as well as the metaphors diplomats’ employ to conceptualize their craft. The chapter, then, reviews a series of factors that can impact the process of digitalization of diplomatic institutions, ranging from the affordance of digital technologies to the domestic agendas of governments and innovative foreign ministers. Lastly, the chapter discusses new avenues for public diplomacy research that further elucidate the relationship between digital technologies, the digital societyDigital society and public diplomacy.

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