A Fuzzy System for Surveillance Picture Understanding

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The last stage of any type of automatic surveillance system is the interpretation of information acquired from sensors. This work focuses on the interpretation of motion pictures taken from a surveillance camera, i.e. image understanding . The expert system presented in this paper can describe simple human activity in the field of view of a surveillance camera in natural language. The system has three different components: a pre-processing module for image segmentation and feature extraction, an object identification expert system (static model) and an action identification expert system (dynamic temporal model). The system was tested on a video segment of a pedestrian passageway taken by surveillance camera.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationData Fusion for Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert and Response Management
EditorsE. Shahbazian, G. Rogova, P. Valin
PublisherIOS Press
ISBN (Print)9781586035365, 9781607501244
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2005

Publication series

NameNATO Science Series, III: Computer and Systems Sciences Ser.


  • Image understanding
  • Picture segmentation
  • Fuzzy expert systems
  • Surveillance video


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