A harmadik szektor1 izraelben - Jellemzők, struktúra és a fejlesztő politikák

Translated title of the contribution: The third sector in Israel - Characteristics, structure and development policies

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The role and importance of the nonprofi t sector in the economy, social and political life of modern societies has been increasingly recognised throughout the world. However these roles cannot be reduced for the service provider function in decreasing welfare states, they also include the building and developing civil society, social capital and trust and the support of democratic governance. In Israel, the increasing role of nonprofi t sector was highlighted by the contribution of universities, umbrella organizations and the lobby activity of the nonprofi ts, themselves. The importance of the sector was especially recognizable during the second Lebanon war, in summer of 2006. The changing perception of the nonprofi ts was followed by a changing approach and attitudes by the government, which resulted in a multi-sector co-operation between the state, nonprofi t and business sector. These changes are signifi cant in Israel, since there was not any special state policy toward the third sector during the last 60 years. This article focuses on the history and development process of the Israeli nonprofi t sector in both an organizational and macro-economical level to promote and support the new public policies and raise the core questions induced by the historical processes and trends. We would like to stress, that the government should give up the former attitude, in which nonprofi t sector was handled as a subordinated entity and the mere extension of social provision system. Instead, nonprofi t sector has to be seen as an independent, autonomous actor of the society and a potential partner for the state, and its other functions also have to be taken into account.

Translated title of the contributionThe third sector in Israel - Characteristics, structure and development policies
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JournalCivil Szemle
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2009


  • Israeli society
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  • Third sector
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