A kinetic wall for winter space heating

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A passive solar heating device is described which operates on the principle of the Trombe Wall but which overcomes the main performance problems associated with the latter. In addition to the virtues of the Trombe Wall, our structure exhibits the following useful features: 1. (1) Direct radiant heating begins soon after sun-rise; 2. (2) lighting and view are continuously adjustable as desired up to about 15% of the glazing area; 3. (3) unwanted summer radiation is reflected away from the southern wall of the house; 4. (4) night insulation is automatically incorporated; 5. (5) the problem of where to store night insulation during the day is most elegantly solved; 6. (6) various construction materials are possible including water or phase-change substances; 7. (7) the wall has an aesthetic degree of freedom useful for interior design considerations.

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JournalEnergy and Buildings
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1982

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