A Novel Solar System of Electricity and Heat

Sergii Mamykin, Roni Z. Shneck, Bohdan Dzundza, Feng Gao, Zinovi Dashevsky

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Thermoelectric devices may have an essential role in the development of fuel-saving, environmentallyfriendly, and cost-effective energy sources for power generation based on the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy. A wide usage of thermoelectric energy systems already exhibits high reliability and long operation time in the space industry and gas pipe systems. The development and application of solar thermoelectric generators (TEGs) arelimited mainly by relatively low thermoelectric conversion efficiency. Forthe first time, we propose to use the direct energy conversion of solar energy by TEGs based on the high-performance multilayer thermoelectric modules with electric efficiency of ~15%. Solar energy was absorbed and converted to thermal energy, which is accumulated by a phase-change material (aluminum alloys at solidification temperature ~900 K). The heat flow from the accumulator through the thermoelectric convertor (generator) allows electrical power to be obtained and the exhaust energy to be used for household purposes (heating and hot water supply) or for the operation of a plant for thermal desalination of water.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3036
Issue number7
StatePublished - 1 Apr 2023


  • TEG
  • figure of merit
  • heat accumulation
  • solar energy
  • thermoelectric module

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