A study of charm hadron production in Z0 → cc̄ and Z0 → bb̄ decays at LEP

The OPAL Collaboration

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Measurements of the production of the weakly decaying charmed hadrons: D0, D+, Ds + and Λc + in both Z0 → cc̄ and Z0 → bb̄ events are reported. By summing the partial contributions from each of these states we measure the partial width for Z0 decays into a cc̄ pair as: Γcc̄had = 0.167 ± 0.011 (stat) ± 0.011 (sys) ± 0.005(br) where the errors are statistical, systematic and due to the uncertainties in the charmed hadron branching ratios, respectively. The relative production rates for the formation of the charmed hadrons from primary c quarks is found to be in good agreement with continuum e+e- data at √s ≈ 10 GeV. The measured rates of these four charmed hadrons in b hadron decays is found to account for 1.061 ± 0.045(stat) ± 0.060(sys) ± 0.037(br) c or c̄ quarks per 6 hadron decay. Comparison of the relative rates of the different charmed hadron species with Y(4S) data indicates higher rates for Ds + and Λc + hadrons and lower rates of D0 and D+ mesons as expected due to the different mixture of b hadrons.

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StatePublished - 1 Sep 1996
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