A study of charm meson production in semileptonic B decays

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The results of a study of charm meson production in semileptonic B hadron decays are presented. Based on a sample of 1.72 million hadronic Z0 decays the following product branching ratios (averaged over electrons and muons) are obtained: {Mathematical expression} where the first error is statistical and the second systematic. The results of a search for the narrow P-wave charmed mesons, (DJ), in semileptonic B decays are also reported. Using the decay channels DJ0→D+π-, DJ0→D*+π- and D+J→D0π+ we observe a total signal of 44±8-7+3 DJ0 and 48±10-6+3 DJ+ events. This is the first evidence for semileptonic B decays to charged P-wave charm states. The observed signals also provide evidence for the production of both pseudovector and tensor P-wave charmed mesons in semileptonic B decay. Together these modes are estimated to make up 34±7% of charmed semileptonic B0 and B+ decays.

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StatePublished - 1 Mar 1995
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