A unified SPICE compatible average model of PWM converters

Y. Amran, F. Huliehel, S. Ben-Yaakov

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A simple, unified, and topology-independent model of basic pulse-width modulated (PWM) power converters is developed using the switched inductor approach presented by S. Ben-Yaakov (1989). The model is compatible with SPICE or other similar general-purpose electronic circuit simulators. It can be used to simulate DC, small signal, and transient behavior of PWM converters operating in both discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM). During simulation, the model automatically follows the CCM and DCM operation, with fewer convergence problems compared to previous simulation models. An effective measurement technique using the HP3562A dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) is presented and applied to compare simulation runs with experimental data. The two were found to be in good agreement.< >
Original languageEnglish GB
Pages (from-to)585-594
Number of pages10
JournalIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1 Oct 1991

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