A Venetian City View of Constantinople: Mapping the City

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During the last decades, representations of medieval and early modern urban space have witnessed an increasing popularity as objects of study within the historical disciplines. Scholars with different backgrounds investigate urban landscapes in various forms and using a wide range of media. In general, such ‘portraits of the city’ cover different types of visual and written documents. The twelve essays gathered in this book all cover specific types of such portraits, ranging from historiographical texts and archival record, over drawings, prints and paintings to maps and real urban architectural settings. Moreover, the interdisciplinary scope results in an ample compilation of various innovative methodologies, currently applied in the fields of study and disciplines addressed in the book. ‘Portraits of the City’ provides a representative overview of the current state of knowledge and is in this way a relevant contribution to the international debate on representations of the city.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPortraits of the City: Representing Urban Space in Later Medieval and Early Modern Europe
EditorsKatrien Lichtert, Jan Dumolyn, Maximiliaan Martens
Place of PublicationTurnhout
PublisherBrepols Publishers
ISBN (Print)978-2-503-55226-2
StatePublished - 2014

Publication series

NameStudies in European Urban History (1100-1800)


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