Absorption and distribution of jojoba wax injected subcutaneously into mice

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14C-Labeled jojoba wax was injected subcutaneously into mice and14C was determined 1-90 days after application in several internal organs, in the skin and in the lipids extracted from the carcass. A control group of mice was similarly treated with triolein. The major part of the injected lipids was not absorbed or metabolized. Some label was found in the organs examined, but there was no accumulation of labeled lipids with time. About 20% of label derived from triolein was found in polar lipids, whereas only 2-4% of that derived from jojoba wax was found in this fraction. There was some (1-5%) incorporation of the label of jojoba wax into body triglycerides.

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StatePublished - 1 Nov 1980

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