Advances in Web Intelligence and Data Mining

Mark Last (Editor), Piotr S. Szczepaniak (Editor), Zeev Volkovich, Abraham Kandel

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


The Internet has become a major communication medium, where virtually any kind of content can be transferred instantly and reliably between individual users and entire organizations located in any part of the globe. Consequently, more effective and efficient methods and technologies are needed to make the most of the Web's nearly unlimited potential. The new Web-related research directions include intelligent methods usually associated with the fields of computational intelligence, soft computing, and data mining. This book presents state-of-the-art developments in the area of computationally intelligent methods applied to various aspects and ways of Web exploration and Web mining. Some novel data mining algorithms that can lead to more effective and intelligent Web-based systems are also described. Scientists, engineers, and research students are expected to find many inspiring ideas in this volume.
Original languageEnglish GB
ISBN (Print)978-3-540-33879-6
StatePublished - 2006

Publication series

NameStudies in Computational Intelligence


  • Web Intelligence
  • XML
  • algorithms
  • classification
  • communication
  • data analysis
  • information system
  • multimedia
  • ontology
  • operator
  • optimization
  • semantic web
  • stability
  • web mining


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