Aglgenes, a curated and searchable database of archaeal N-glycosylation pathway components

Noa Godin, Jerry Eichler

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Whereas N-glycosylation is a posttranslational modification performed across evolution, the archaeal version of this protein-processing event presents a degree of diversity not seen in either bacteria or eukarya. Accordingly, archaeal N-glycosylation relies on a large number of enzymes that are often species-specific or restricted to a select group of species. As such, there is a need for an organized platform upon which amassing information about archaeal glycosylation (agl) genes can rest. Accordingly, the aglgenes database provides detailed descriptions of experimentally characterized archaeal N-glycosyation pathway components. For each agl gene, genomic information, supporting literature and relevant external links are provided at a functional intuitive webinterface designed for data browsing. Routine updates ensure that novel experimental information on genes and proteins contributing to archaeal N-glycosylation is incorporated into aglgenes in a timely manner. As such, aglgenes represents a specialized resource for sharing validated experimental information online, providing support for workers in the field of archaeal protein glycosylation.

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