Aharonov-Casher effect

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In 1984, 25 years after the prediction of the ► Aharonov—Bohm (AB) effect, Aharonov and Casher [1] predicted a “dual” effect. In both effects, a particle is excluded from a tubular region of space, but otherwise no force acts on it. Yet it acquires a measurable quantum phase that depends on what is inside the tube of space from which it is excluded. In the AB effect, the particle is charged and the tube contains a magnetic flux. In the Aharonov—Casher (AC) effect, the particle is neutral, but has a magnetic moment, and the tube contains a line of charge. Experiments in neutron [2], vortex [3], atom [4], and electron [5] interferometry bear out the prediction of Aharonov and Casher. Here we briefly explain the logic of the AC effect and how it is dual to the AB effect.
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Title of host publicationCompendium of Quantum Physics Concepts, Experiments, History and Philosophy
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Edition1st ed. 2009.
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StatePublished - 2009

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  • Wave Packet
  • Relative Phase
  • Neutral Particle
  • Electron Wave Packet
  • Bohm Effect


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