Amazon Review by Prof. Haim Shore on "Ternary Networks: Reliability and Monte Carlo", by Prof. Ilya Gertsbakh et al.

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Analysis of system reliability is a major part of reliability engineering. Two basic assumptions are commonly pursued in such analysis - that system components are statistically independent and that components may be in either of two states: UP (component is working) or DOWN (component has failed). A third simplifying assumption (addressed in the book but not necessarily pursued in all analyses) is that all components are identically distributed. The major contribution of this book is that it relaxes the second assumption and assumes that components may be in a third intermediate mode of operation: UP, but not to full capacity. This mode of operation is denoted MID, and examples for such systems are given in the book aplenty. For example: Social networks where two individuals may maintain an extensive information exchange, or have no exchange at all, or have a reduced level of communication. The book is dedicated to reliability analysis of such ternary (or trinary) networks, and a special technique is developed, denoted the ternary D-spectrum, which is an extension of the D-spectra technique, used for analysis of system reliability having binary components (components that can be either UP or DOWN). Authors of this book should be congratulated on embarking onto such a pioneering research effort to break away from the traditional assumptions of system reliability analysis. In a well-designed book structure, the reader is slowly introduced into the various perspectives and possible scenarios and realizations of ternary networks and their allied reliability analyses. Numerous examples are introduced in Chapter 2 ("Applications"), where solution procedures are carefully laid out, accompanied by eye-opening graphics. From my own reading of the book and my personal acquaintance with Prof. Ilya Gertsbakh for over twenty years now (regrettably I have not had the opportunity to meet his co-authors), I believe that this book is a major contribution to the discipline of reliability engineering and an important addition to the arsenal of useful books that should be on the bookshelf of any professional practicing system reliability analysis or engaged in research of this interesting, intriguing and challenging new area of system reliability analysis relating to ternary networks.
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StatePublished - 9 Jun 2014


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