Analytic model for passively-heated solar houses-II. Users guide

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The results of a recently-developed analytic theory for predicting the long-term thermal performance of passively-heated solar houses are cast in a form that is amenable to immediate use by designers. Specific detailed calculations are carried out for direct gain and water wall houses. The simple manner in which the effects of assorted building modifications (glazing area, thermal mass, storage absorbance and night insulation) can be included is illustrated. These calculations require no degree of mathematical sophistication beyond the use of a hand calculator. The methodology illustrated offers the user a flexibility beyond that of the parameterizations of existing computer simulation results in that the user is not limited to a "reference" building, and the method applies equally well to all types of passively-heated solar buildings.

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JournalSolar Energy
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1981

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