Antiproliferatiye effects of cyclopentenyl cytosine (NSC 375575) in human glioblastoma cells

Riad Agbaria, James A. Kelley, Joany Jackman, John J. Viola

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Cyclopentenyl cytosine (CPEC) exerts an antiproliferative effect against a wide variety of human and murine tumor lines, including a panel of human gliosarcoma and astrocytoma lines. This effect is produced primarily by the 5′-triphosphate metabolite CPEC-TP, an inhibitor of cytidine-5′-triphosphate (CTP) synthase (EC Because previous studies with human glioma cell lines utilized cells in long-term tissue culture, we have undertaken to determine whether the activity of CPEC in such model systems is also demonstrable in freshly excised human glioblastoma cells. Glioma cells obtained at surgery and in log phase growth were exposed to the drug at levels ranging from 0.01 to 1 μM for 24 h, and CPEC-TP and CTP levels were determined by HPLC. Dose-dependent accumulation of CPEC-TP was accompanied by a concomitant decrease in CTP pools, with 50% depletion of the latter being achieved at a CPEC level of ca. 0.1 μM. Human glioma cell proliferation was inhibited 50% by 24-h exposure to 0.07 μM CPEC. Postexposure decay of CPEC-TP was slow, with a half-time of 30 h. DNA cytometry showed a dose-dependent shift in cell cycle distribution, with an accumulation of cells in S-phase. The pharmacological effects of CPEC on freshly excised glioblastoma cells are quantitatively similar to those seen in a range of established tissue culture lines, including human glioma, colon carcinoma, and MOLT-4 lymphoblasts, supporting the recommendation that the drug may be advantageous for the treatment of human glioblastoma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)111-118
Number of pages8
JournalOncology Research
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Jan 1997
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  • Blood-brain barrier
  • CTP synthase
  • Cyclopentenyl cytosine
  • Glioblastoma
  • Intracerebral tumors

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