Application of personal computers in the analytical laboratory-III ASV analysis

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Automatic operation and data-processing of ASV analysis is achieved by interfacing a general-purpose polarograph to a personal computer. The software package, written in SUPER BASIC, includes graphic routines that are used to display the voltamperograms and calibration curve, and as an interface with the operator. Data-processing can be done manually, interactively or automatically. In the last of these modes, peak position and height are evaluated by first correcting for baseline drift and then fitting the peaks to a Gaussian function. It is found that this procedure is relatively insensitive to noise. The system is used routinely in the analysis of treated domestic wastewater and soils irrigated by effluents. The flexibility of the programming and the feature of interactive work are important in this connection, which calls for careful examination of peaks distorted by matrix interferences.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1987

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