Assessment of wind resource statistics in Samaria region

Sergei Kolesnik, Moshe Sitbon, Asher Yahalom, Alon Kuperman

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Statistical characteristics of the wind resource in Samaria region of Israel have been analyzed by processing 11 years of wind data provided by the Israeli Meteorological Service, recorded at 10 m height above the ground (circa 710 m above the sea level). The cumulative mean wind speed at measurement height was shown to be 4.53 ms-1 with standard deviation of 2.32 ms-1. Prevailing wind direction is shown to be characterized by cumulative mean azimuth of 226° with standard deviation of 79.76°. Moreover, Weibull distribution parameters were calculated yearly, monthly and seasonally, demonstrating good match with histogram-based statistical representations. Shape parameter of Weibull distribution was shown to reside within narrow range of 1.93 to 2.15, allowing to assume Rayleigh distribution thus simplifying future wind turbines energy yield calculations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1409-1414
Number of pages6
JournalEngineering for Rural Development
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2017
Event16th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development - Jelgava, Latvia
Duration: 24 May 201726 May 2017


  • Rayleigh distribution
  • Weibull distribution
  • Wind statistics assessment

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