Attitude towards health and hormone replacement therapy among female obstetrician-gynecologists in Israel

B. Kaplan, Y. Yogev, J. Sulkas, A. Geva, R. Nahum, M. Fisher

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Objective: To assess Israeli women gynecologists toward their own health, their health related behaviors and to assess attitude towards and the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Methods: Ninety five actively employed hospital and community women gynecologist completed a questionnaire on attitude towards self-health, way of life, smoking habits, and regular breast, blood, pap smear examinations and HRT. Results: Mean BMI was 25.3 Kg/m2±4.2, 61% considered themselves above average weight, and only 39% estimated their weight as appropriate. Fifty six percent were on active weight-loss diets, and 35% were current smokers. Blood tests, pap smears and breast evaluations were regularly done by 73.4, 91.5, and 64.1%, respectively. Overall, 74% of the gynecologists had a positive opinion about HRT; 70% of the menopausal subgroup had ever used HRT, and 93.3% of the perimenopausal subgroup intended to use it. The main reason for starting HRT was climacteric symptoms, and for stopping or avoiding HRT were equally bleeding, fear of cancer and adverse reactions towards HRT. By far the oral HRT mode was the most popular and 90% of users expressed satisfaction with treatment. Conclusions: Israeli women gynecologists are aware and maintain carefully their health, excluding cigarette smoking. The high rate of use and awareness of HRT among this group is encouraging considering that gynecologist serves as role model for the public and maintains the main source of HRT in the community.

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Pages (from-to)113-116
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Issue number2
StatePublished - 25 Oct 2002
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  • Breast examination
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  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Pap smear examination

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