Biological approaches to mathematics

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Human beings may be lured by romantic and sentimental ideas about why and how they function in the world. "Spirit, " "soul, " "higher-self, " "lower-self, " "ego, " etc., are all linguistic concepts that are a product of human thought, and are too easily taken as solid facts (we have two eyes, that's a fact). However, if one observes carefully, one is left with the only verifiable fact that the process of thought, the accumulation of knowledge, remembrance, and learning are all rooted in the biological organ that we call the brain, which is part of our biological body. Hence if one is to understand any process that involves human learning, or human thought, the path must begin in our biology. In this section we highlight different aspects of our biological "hardware" and its intimate relation with mathematical capabilities and the process of learning mathematics.

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  • ADHD
  • Geometry
  • Numerical capabilities
  • Vision

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