Bose-Einstein correlations of three charged pions in hadronic Z0 decays

OPAL Collaboration

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Bose-Einstein Correlations (BEC) of three identical charged pions were studied in 4 × 106 hadronic Z0 decays recorded with the OPAL detector at LEP. The genuine three-pion correlations, corrected for the Coulomb effect, were separated from the known two-pion correlations by a new subtraction procedure. A significant genuine three-pion BEC enhancement near threshold was observed having an emitter source radius of r3 = 0.580 ± 0.004 (stat.) ± 0.029 (syst.) fm and a strength of λ3 = 0.504 ± 0.010 (stat.) ± 0.041 (syst.). The Coulomb correction was found to increase the λ3 value by ∼ 9% and to reduce r3 by ∼ 6%. The measured λ3 corresponds to a value of 0.707 ± 0.014 (stat.) ± 0.078 (syst.) when one takes into account the three-pion sample purity. A relation between the two-pion and the three-pion source parameters is discussed.

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JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1998
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