Burids: Būrids

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The Būrids were a dynasty of Turkish origin that ruled Damascus and southern Syria from 497/1104 to 549/1154, struggling to maintain its autonomy from the Franks, the Zangids, and the Nizārī Ismāʿīlīs (Assassins). The founder of the dynasty, Ẓāhir al-Dīn Ṭughtakīn (Tughtigīn, r. 497–522/1104–28), who was atābeg (guardian-tutor) of Shams al-Mulūk Duqāq, the son of the Saljūq sultan Tutush I (r. 471–88/1078–95), became full master of Damascus after the deaths of Duqāq and his son Tutush II.
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