Chapter 5 A Point for Thought: Does the Genetic System Include a Meta-Language?

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In this chapter I aim to add another layer of complexity to our semiotic understanding of the genetic system and the poverty of reductionism. The issue I have chosen is the one of junk DNA. Non-codable DNA sequences were described as non-functional junk DNA. However, more and more evidence is being gathered about the different functions fulfilled by ncRNAs. In this chapter, I wish to consider ncRNAs as a part of a Meta-language. More specifically, I argue that every language or more generally, every system of signification must have a complementary meta-language (or a meta-system) for its functioning. In this context, the genetic realm is not an exception and the genetic "language" must be accompanied by a meta-language, which is (partially) materialized by the ncRNAs.

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StatePublished - 25 Mar 2008

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