Characteristics of the high temperature thermoluminescence in LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100): The effects of batch history

H. Datz, Y. S. Horowitz, L. Oster, M. Margaliot

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The high temperature thermoluminescence (HTTL) in the glow curve of LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100) is of continuing interest due to the dependence of the HTTL on ionization density. Following high ionization density irradiation, the intensity of the HTTL relative to peak 5 is much greater than the same ratio following low ionization density irradiation. Special attention has focused on the details of the linearity/supralinearity of the HTTL dose response at levels of dose between 10 and 500 mGy and whether the batch history (previous irradiation and annealing) affects the HTTL dose response? In this paper we demonstrate that batch identity leads to differences of ∼100% in the degree of the supralinearity of the dose response of peak 7 between two groups of TLD-100 chips. The results suggest that there may be significant non-universalities in the HTTL dose response and that further research is required to provide a sound basis for the use of the HTTL of TLD-100 in dosimetric applications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)710-712
Number of pages3
JournalRadiation Measurements
Issue number3-6
StatePublished - 1 Mar 2010


  • Batch effect
  • Dose response
  • High temperature thermoluminescence
  • LiF:Mg,Ti

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