Charles Cagniard de Latour

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Charles Cagniard de la Tour (1777-1859) was a French physicist and chemist that carried a detailed study of the phase transformation of a saturated liquid under the influence of pressure and temperature and proved that inside a sealed glass tube the fluid would become first a saturated vapor, and then turn continuously into superheated vapor, no matter what the pressure. He discovered the existence of a critical point, without using this concept. Cagniard de la Tour used a microscope to investigate the phenomenon of fermentation, particularly by beer yeast, its causes, and effects, and proved that it was caused by a living organism and was not a pure chemical reaction. He also studied the pyrolysis of woody matter in a sealed atmosphere and showed that it resulted in the formation of tarry and sticky carbonaceous material, accompanied by a gas atmosphere.

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JournalEducacion Quimica
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  • Tar
  • critical point
  • fermentation
  • wood pyrolysis

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