Charles Lauth: dyes and other compounds

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Charles Lauth (1836-1913) was a French chemist who worked most of his life developing new dyes and different porcelains and ceramics. To him, we owe the synthesis of the aniline dyes' methyl violet (Paris violet), methyl green, aniline black, and Lauth's violet (thionine), as well as the best methods for applying them to different kinds of textiles. Together with Edouard Grimaux, they developed methods for producing aromatic aldehydes, which led to the synthesis of the artificial essence bitter almond.

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JournalEducacion Quimica
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StatePublished - 1 Apr 2024


  • aniline
  • aniline black
  • aromatic aldehydes
  • bitter almond essence
  • dyes
  • methyl aniline
  • methyl green
  • methyl violet

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