Ciliary activity under normal conditions and under viscous load

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Ciliary metachronism and motility were examined optically in muco-ciliary tissue cultures from three different systems: a) frog's palate epithelium, b) frog's oesophagus, and c) human nasal polyps. In addition, lateral cilia of Mytilus edulis (water transporting cilia) were examined. It was revealed that the degree of synchronization between muco-ciliary systems is lower than that of water transporting cilia. There are no significant differences between different muco-ciliary systems, within the accuracy of our measurement although relatively large statistical ensembles were used. In addition the wavelength and wave direction of the metachronal wave was examined. All four systems exhibit similar wavelength. The metachronal parameters of muco-ciliary systems exhibit fluctuations (as was demonstrated by the degree of synchronization), however, the magnitude and repetitivity of these fluctuations, is dependent on the loading of the ciliary system. We have loaded the system by increasing the viscosity of the medium. Under viscous load the frequency of the beating decreased. The metachronal wavelength became longer and the metachronal coordination type more orthoplectic.

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