Colchicine-sensitive nephrotic syndrome due to AA amyloidosis

Michael J. Hausmann, Esther Maor, Leonid Kachko

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A 28-year-old women is presented who was evaluated for a new-onset postpartum nephrotic syndrome with normal renal function. Histological diagnosis was AA amyloidosis but no underlying disease has been diagnosed despite extensive workup. Complete remission was achieved with colchicine. Upon discontinuation of colchicines, the patient's nephrotic syndrome flared up but completely responded to reinstitution of colchicine therapy. Remission of this patient's nephrotic syndrome is thus not attributable to resolution of any "idiopathic" primary disease.


  • AA amyloidosis, colchicine, nephrotic syndrome
  • Remission

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  • Internal Medicine


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