Cold Fronts from Shock Collisions

Yuval Birnboim, Uri Keshet, Lars Hernquist

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Cold fronts (CFs) are found in most galaxy clusters, as well as in some galaxies and groups of galaxies. We propose that some CFs are relics of collisions between trailing shocks. Such a collision typically results in a spherical, factor ~1.4-2.7 density/temperature discontinuity. These CFs may be found as far as the virial shock, unlike in other CF formation models. As a demonstration of this effect, we use one dimensional simulations where halo reverberations involving periodic collisions between the virial shock and outgoing secondary shocks exist. These collisions yield a distinctive, concentric geometric sequence of CFs which trace the expansion of the virial shock.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 10 Dec 2009


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