Control of meiotic chromosomal bouquet and germ cell morphogenesis by the zygotene cilium

Avishag Mytlis, Vineet Kumar, Tao Qiu, Rachael Deis, Neta Hart, Karine Levy, Markus Masek, Amal Shawahny, Adam Ahmad, Hagai Eitan, Farouq Nather, Shai Adar-Levor, Ramon Y. Birnbaum, Natalie Elia, Ruxandra Bachmann-Gagescu, Sudipto Roy, Yaniv M. Elkouby

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A hallmark of meiosis is chromosomal pairing, which requires telomere tethering and rotation on the nuclear envelope through microtubules, driving chromosome homology searches. Telomere pulling toward the centrosome forms the "zygotene chromosomal bouquet." Here, we identified the "zygotene cilium" in oocytes. This cilium provides a cable system for the bouquet machinery and extends throughout the germline cyst. Using zebrafish mutants and live manipulations, we demonstrate that the cilium anchors the centrosome to counterbalance telomere pulling. The cilium is essential for bouquet and synaptonemal complex formation, oogenesis, ovarian development, and fertility. Thus, a cilium represents a conserved player in zebrafish and mouse meiosis, which sheds light on reproductive aspects in ciliopathies and suggests that cilia can control chromosomal dynamics.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbereabh3104
Issue number6599
StatePublished - 17 Jun 2022

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