Cosmology and Warped Space Times in Dynamical String Tension Theories

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The string and brane tensions do not have to be put in by hand, they can be dynamically generated, as in the case when we formulate string and brane theories in the modified measure formalism. Then string and brane tensions appears, but as an additional dynamical degree of freedom . It can be seen however that these string or brane tensions are not universal, but rather each string and each brane generates its own tension, which can have a different value for each string or brane. We define a new background fields that can couple to this new type of extended objects, the tension scalar is capable of changing locally along the world sheet the value of the tension of the extended object. When many strings probing the same region of space are considered this tension scalar is constrained by the requirement of quantum conformalinvariance. For the case of two strings probing the same region of space with different dynamically generated tensions, there are two different metrics, associated to the different strings, that have to satisfy vacuum Einstein equations and the consistency of these two Einstein equation determines the tension scalar. The universal metric, common to both strings generically does not satisfy Einstein equation . The problem is analyzed for Schwarzschild background and for Kasner type space, for the Milne representation, for the case of two types of string tensions, with solutions with negative string tension at the early universe and a positive string tension that appears for the late universe . The universal metric is not flat, instead it represents a nonsingular bounce cosmology. The case in a warped space time where positive and and negative string tensions are separated by a spontaneously generated wall is also studied.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 18 Apr 2021


  • High Energy Physics - Theory
  • General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


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